I wanna walk aimlessly tomorrow

I’m gonna do that in the afternoon. I wanna have that feeling again – not really caring about anything.

Tomorrow I’m gonna let my feet do the thinking, for the first time in a very long time.

Don’t wanna get used to Singapore-style efficiency


I flew to Singapore yesterday and will return to the Philippines tommorow. During my short stay, I experienced once again the efficient and reliable Singaporean transportation system.

But I don’t want to get used to that kind of efficiency because I don’t want to hate Manila’s overcrowded MRT.

Dog excited to go for a walk

Our dog couldn’t wait to go for a walk. It was one of her favorite activities.

Dog hunts rats

Our dog, apparently, didn’t like rats (who does anyway?).

The video below doesn’t show the rats, but it does show the happiness of our dog, who always looked victorious whenever she captured a rat.

Dog sits on her throne

DogOnly our dog sat on this “throne.”

You wouldn’t dare take away this throne from her. Of course I’m assuming here that you don’t want dog hair all over your back.

Right now it’s an empty throne. But pieces of her remain.

Dog watches over us from heaven

Our dog didn’t bark when a delivery guy showed up in front of our door today. Our neighbors’ dog did bark, but she didn’t.

Or maybe she did. I just didn’t hear anything because she was too far away.

Worse than Miami Heat’s loss

I stepped on a cockroach. I was barefoot, so its juices were all over the sole of my left foot. And I thought the Miami Heat’s NBA finals loss was bad.