Came closer to Greek Parliament to see guards up close

(March 21, 2019) I’ve already seen the Greek Parliament building, but only from Syntagma Square and a tourist bus.

We still have a few hours left today before going to the airport so I decided to come close to the building to see the guards, or Evzones.

I didn’t see the changing of the guards, but I know I will return to Greece someday so that’s one thing to look forward to.

Parthenon part 2: How could I forget the Temple of Athena Nike?

(March 20, 2019) We already visited the Acropolis in Athens, Greece on March 9 but decided to climb the hill again because it’s worth it.

Besides, we had forgotten to take pictures of the Temple of Athena Nike on our first visit. I couldn’t believe it. But we’re still in Athens anyway and still had the chance to see the temple and take pics.

Will the real Caryatids please stand up?

(March 19, 2019) I already know that the Caryatids on the Erechtheion in the Acropolis in Athens are only replicas of originals, which are housed in the nearby Acropolis Museum in the Greek capital.

But I did learn something new today during my visit to the Acropolis Museum. There are actually six Caryatids – a Turkish cannonball smashed one and the British Museum has the sixth. I had thought there were only four Caryatids.

Flew back to Greece from Morocco

(March 18, 2019) We returned to Athens after spending four days and three nights in Marrakesh, Morocco.

As it was an “airplane day” for us, we didn’t have anything in our itinerary, except the Athens-Marrakesh flight.

But it didn’t mean there would be no photo opps. It’s the capital of Greece, after all. Thus, it wasn’t really hard to look for nice subjects. I explored sites close to the hotel.

Haggling in the souks of Marrakesh, Morocco

(March 17, 2019) Haggling in the souks of Marrakesh, Morocco is one activity that a visitor should try, based on several websites that I’ve read.

I’m not really into shopping, let alone haggling, but for the experience I tried to buy a lamp. My budget was 100 dirhams or roughly 10 euros.

I found a shop that sells lamps and the merchant’s initial offer was 120 dirhams. I haggled just a bit and he agreed to sell the lamp for 100 dirhams.

Top attractions in Marrakesh, Morocco

(March 16, 2019) Today we visited some of the top attractions in Marrakesh, Morocco: Koutoubia Mosque, El Badi Palace, Bahia Palace and Jemaa el Fna.

They are quite close to one another, but the walk for us seemed longer because we didn’t know how to navigate the city’s streets.

Up close and personal with Greek gods and goddesses

(March 14, 2019) Today I “met” Greek gods and goddesses at the National Archaeological Museum in Athens, Greece.

I like the collection at that museum because I’m familiar with many of the displays there. I can’t say the same thing about other museums. Who hasn’t really heard of Zeus, Poseidon or Aphrodite?