LeBron James shoes

I won’t be a great basketball player like LeBron James, but at least I can wear shoes that bear his name:


Destined to have a dog like her

Don’t we have the same facial expression?

That’s me eons ago, but the pictures make me feel that when I was a kid, I was destined to have a dog like her at some point in the future.

Dog and I

Today marks her first death anniversary. It’s been a year but sometimes, I still mention her name… out loud. Her death left a gaping hole in my heart.

I kinda feel jealous whenever I see someone walking his or her dog. How I wish I had walked my dog more often, because she really liked it.

Completed online management course today

The most memorable thing I’ve learned from this self-paced online management course is that management is not the same as leadership.

management certificate june 28 2015

To reach the unreachable… basketball backboard

Okay, I’m not athletic, so I consider being able to touch a basketball backboard a big achievement.

I’ve been trying to do that for a long time, but in all of my previous attempts, the tip of my middle finger only touched the air beneath the backboard. I felt, and most likely also looked, like a total idiot.

But today, I was pleasantly surprised when all of a sudden, my finger touched the backboard. I tried again and again. Sometimes I made it, sometimes I didn’t.

I’m wondering what kind of jump works, and what doesn’t.

Anyway, for now, I will savor this “milestone.”

Missing Korean winter temperature

I would really like to experience this again:

You would too if the heat index in your country soared to 41 degrees Celsius.

Another commemorative coin


‘You just don’t know how to read’

imageI went to the hospital today for the removal of the stitches on my face. While waiting for the doctor, I overheard the conversation of a boy who’s about five years old and a woman* accompanying him.

Boy: (reading a signage) E A M C D O H E Y E C E N… what’s the next one, after N?

Woman: T.

Boy: I can’t read it. I have poor eyesight.

Woman: No, you just don’t know how to read.

* I didn’t want to assume that they’re mother and son.