In Singapore, football > basketball

Playing football on a basketball court? That would have been heresy in the Philippines.

In the video above, the team on the left is composed of a boy and his father, while their opponents are two older kids who probably don’t know each other.

The game stopped when the smallest boy was hit on the face by the ball.

His father said something like, “no need to apologize, it’s part of the game.”

My fish

They’ve been with me for more than a month now, and I’m glad that they’re still alive.

Well, there used to be 15 of them. Now there are only six: five pink-colored and one orange-colored. The other four orange-colored fish and all five of the black-colored fish had died.

Born 100% Female, Born 100% Male

This is part of an ad about a pageant.

The “Born 100% Female” and “Born 100% Male” qualifications for those who want to participate caught my attention.

So if you’re a female human being who can never give birth, you’re not “Born 100% Female”? I’ve heard some instances of that in the past.

And if you’re a male human being who was born with only one testicle, you’re not “Born 100% Male”? Just 50%? Or 66.67%, depending on how you calculate stuff?

Or, let’s say, someone’s female but is driving on the other side of the road, she can’t qualify for this contest?

Well, I’m thinking that medicine has become so advanced that those not born 100% male or female can undergo surgery and fool the naked eye.

Why I like Saturdays

King James says:

I’m not gonna use the word “love” but I do like Saturdays, for various reasons.

It’s the last day of my workweek. There are fewer people in the office and on the streets in the central business district.

I also look forward to playing basketball on Sunday and Monday, my days-off.

It’s Octopus… it’s EZ-Link… it’s Beep Card!

Okay, in terms of comfort, efficiency and everything else that’s good in mass public transport, Manila’s MRT is way, way behind the subway systems of Hong Kong and Singapore.

But hey, I think the Beep Card that I used today for the first time on the MRT was quite good. It reminded me of the Octopus Card in Hong Kong and EZ-Link in Singapore.

I don’t think the Beep Card can be used for other purposes right now, but maybe someday, just like Octopus and EZ-Link, it can be used to buy stuff and food.

More importantly though, I hope the Beep Card would be the first step to improving the services of the MRT. Let’s start with the aircon, please.

Ring out the old, ring in the new

I got rid of my two stored value cards today. Sigh, I would definitely miss those bonus rides.

But if that’s the price that I have to pay for an enhanced MRT, then that’s perfectly fine.

I do hope that any improvement takes place as soon as possible. Gawd, the MRT is just like an antagonist in a movie – you hate it, you wanna get rid of it, but you can’t! Worse, you can avoid it but you have to deal with it eventually!

What a beautiful Sunday morning

I wanted to play basketball this morning but the guys that I don’t like were already on the courts so I decided to just go home and do something else.

I took a leisurely walk while listening to a song that I played over and over again. Just one song. Somehow it had a calming effect – I felt so lucky to just be able to see the beauty of this Sunday morning.

Sunny weather. People walking their dogs. Leafy trees. All of them were amazing.

Magic Johnson ‘hanging out’ with Michael Jordan made me think about the ‘team’ in Dream Team

Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson were Dream Team teammates. But was teamwork absolutely necessary when it’s the Dream Team we’re talking about?

I mean, I think those guys can snob each other on the court, play as if they have no teammates, and still emerge as champions. They’re that talented individually.

What I’m trying to say is that, with or without teamwork, the Dream Team would still have captured the gold medal in men’s basketball in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.

What about their opponents? Well, you really don’t stand a chance if your team is up against the likes of Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Charles Barkley and Karl Malone, do you? Even 1,000% teamwork wouldn’t be enough when you’re facing these guys.