Media literacy amid new technologies pushed

The author with Cheche Lazaro, president of Probe Productions, which is known for its investigative TV reports

“The age of talking back to the media has arrived in full force.”

That’s according to Cheche Lazaro, Philippine broadcast journalist and media educator.

It’s a far cry from her student days, when she thought that the source-message-channel-receiver model of communication lacked feedback.

The mushrooming of new technologies prompted Lazaro to underscore the need to promote media literacy at the 6th Asia Media Summit held in Macau, China.

Media literacy

Drew McDaniel, an Ohio University professor, said that media literacy is usually described in North America “as the skill of understanding the implicit as well as explicit meanings of media messages.”

“In order to decode and understand such messages, one must evaluate not only what the message says but also the context of the message,” McDaniel said.

“User control of media choices has expanded enormously raising new issues for parents.”

– Drew McDaniel, professor of media arts and studies at Ohio University

He noted that new technologies have changed media literacy requirements. He said the heightened interactivity demands more sophistication from the users.

“Media literacy is no longer just how to make sense of media content, but today how to sensibly create content,” McDaniel said.

The professor added that “user control of media choices has expanded enormously raising new issues for parents.”

McDaniel lamented though that there is no consistent media literacy program in the US, because its educational system is localized and fragmented.

He also said that media literacy programs are hard to sustain in the US because local school officials don’t know what media literacy is all about.

Cheche Lazaro

A news article about Cheche Lazaro

Drew McDaniel

A profile of Ohio University professor Drew McDaniel

Center for Media Literacy

An organization that promotes media literacy


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