Things I have learned from my classmates in Macau

Macau traineesI learned a lot of things about web journalism during the online journalism workshop that I attended in Macau, China in May this year.

In a way, this blog is a product of that training, which was organized by Germany’s DW-AKADEMIE and the Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development.

That workshop brought together nine participants from eight different countries: Bangladesh, Bhutan, Indonesia, Laos, the Maldives, Myanmar, the Philippines and Vietnam.

In addition to web journalism stuff, I also learned some non-online journalism things during my stay in Macau, courtesy of my fellow Asians:

  • Burmese people don’t have family names
  • Muslims are not allowed to eat amphibians
  • Muslims are forbidden from gambling and drinking alcohol
  • Spoken Lao and Thai are virtually the same
  • There’s no red light district in the capital of Bhutan

There were a few more, but I would like to keep this post short and simple.


2 thoughts on “Things I have learned from my classmates in Macau

    • Dukpo’s got all the women, so he doesn’t need any red light district hehehe.

      I love writing, but I have to slow down a little bit more because I have to finish my thesis.

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