University of the Philippines as a research university

Oblation, symbol of academic freedom in UP
Oblation, symbol of academic freedom in UP

UP President Emerlinda Roman at a conference held in May this year underscored the need for the university to establish its “identity as a research university.”

Roman defined a research university “as one with a research orientation and highly active graduate programs across a wide variety of fields.”

“Research universities are distinguished by the fact that they aspire not only to apply and transmit existing knowledge but to create new knowledge,” said Roman, whose remarks were published in the July-August 2009 issue of the UP System Information Office’s FORUM newspaper.

Nice words from UP’s highest official.

But it will take more than carefully-crafted statements to make UP a research university.

Where should we begin? The university should assess the dedication to research of the people in UP’s graduate programs.

How many of them can honestly say that they’ve really helped researchers in UP?

Now, now, that’s one research problem.


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