Algeria soccer win breaks Bonn silence

The car and the Algerian flag

I will always remember Bonn in Germany as the most laid back city I’ve ever visited.

By 9 PM almost no one is on the streets. Most stores are closed.

And yes, it’s so quiet.

However, the day when Algeria won a soccer match changed that, even for just a few minutes.

My Bangladeshi friend and I usually ate dinner at an Algerian restaurant located just across Bonn’s Hauptbahnhof (main station).

The Algerian restaurant. Photo was taken on my last day in Bonn, not the night of the celebration

But that night, we had to eat at another restaurant that offered Halal food because the Algerian one was packed with people, most of them men.

All of them were watching something on television, which both my friend and I assumed to be a soccer match.

After dinner we returned to our hotel.

From my hotel room I heard people chanting something and honking their car horns incessantly, as if traffic had stood still.

I got curious. What was that noise all about?

I went out of the hotel and hoped that another “loud” car would come.

Fortunately for me one passed through Thomas-Mann-Straße, where the hotel is located.

I was able to film the mobile party.

The following day I found out on the Internet that Algeria had defeated Egypt in a soccer match and qualified for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

I finally knew the exact reason for the Algerians’ celebration.

Félicitations, Algérie.

BBC pictures showing the festivity

Los Angeles Times blog about Algeria’s victory

ESPN story about the win


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