Woman steals Cologne’s thunder

When people are on a tower that offers a spectacular view of a city, most likely they would do these two things: marvel at the beauty of the surroundings and of course, take pictures.

Yours truly and the other participants in an online journalism workshop held in Germany late this year engaged in those activities while on a tower in Cologne.

My favorite subject for picture-taking was the quintessential symbol of the city – Cologne Cathedral.


We were busy taking photographs when suddenly, Tanja Duettra, our course guide, stood on her head!

Tanja wows the crowd (Photo: Thorsten Karg)

I was so amazed that I had to stop marvelling at Cologne’s beauty for a while.

I had to take a photo of myself with Tanja.

While doing that headstand, she seemed to have stolen Cologne’s thunder.

All eyes were on her.

Tanja was the star at that precise moment.

From left to right: Me, Tanja and Thorsten
With Tanja on the last day of the workshop

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