Catching a glimpse of Parisian Christmas

I never imagined Paris as a place where Christmas is a big deal.

I don’t know exactly how I formed that picture in my head, but whenever I heard, read or saw the name Paris in the media, one thing immediately came to mind – the Eiffel Tower.

I can’t blame myself for having that kind of perception though. After all, Hollywood films almost always, if not always, showed the Eiffel Tower whenever Paris was the place of the action.

But after spending a night in Paris last month, I realized it was not just all about the Eiffel Tower or beauty or lights or whatever.

It seemed the people of Paris also like Christmas.

When I was there, I saw signs of Christmas almost everywhere: Christmas lights, Christmas trees, a little drummer boy and a gigantic Ferris wheel.

The Parisians, at least based on my one-night stay there, love to celebrate Christmas.

I believe people who like Christmas couldn’t possibly be rude.

Where the heck did I get the idea that Parisians are rude? The media (again!), I suppose. But are they really rude? That’s another topic for a new blog post.


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