From the Great Wall to the Berlin Wall

From the Great Wall...

I would like to start the new year right by being thankful for the old one, 2009. 

Last year I met new friends, put an end to something that I should have ended years ago <wink> and stepped foot on places that I never thought I’d actually see in person.


In 2009, I gained friends from various parts of the world, thanks to the journalism workshops that I attended in Macau, China in May and Bonn, Germany from mid-November to early December.


Now I no longer have any unfinished business. Closure is a good thing.


In April I set foot on the Great Wall, one of the new Seven Wonders of the World.

After only seven months, I saw vestiges of the Berlin Wall, probably the most concrete symbol of the Cold War.

... to the Berlin Wall

I feel so blessed.


4 thoughts on “From the Great Wall to the Berlin Wall

  1. I feel very fortunate that the we were able to meet during the past year. Good luck for you on your path into your life and future. Hope that you won’t run into any walls – be they Chinese Walls, Berlin Walls or the walls in the heads of narrow-minded people…

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