Palace pictures are okay despite restrictions

It’s probably the most inaccessible landmark in Manila compared with other attractions in the city.

No, it’s not because the roads leading to that place are unpaved or something. After all, it’s in Manila, the premier city and capital of the Philippines. The roads are okay.

I consider it the most inaccessible landmark because of the strict security measures one has to go through to be allowed to step foot on it.

Yes, it’s the official residence of the President of the Philippines: Malacanang Palace.

Palace virgin

Last week I visited Malacanang for the first time.

Obviously, the presidential palace isn’t an ordinary place.

I think of it as the house of the Filipino people, the home of the person we choose to lead us.

And because it’s not just any other place, visitors can’t just wear anything that they want to wear. The minimum: semi-formal attire. Strictly no jeans!

I find the dress code okay, because it’s not very often that I get the chance to wear a necktie and not look overdressed.

At the Palace, neckties are an ordinary sight.


Since it’s the official residence of the most powerful person in the Philippines, my movements were restricted.

I couldn’t just go wherever I wanted to go.

I also couldn’t take pictures of everything. Some areas were off-limits to picture-taking <sniff>.

But despite the limited chances for picture-taking, I’m happy with my Malacanang photos.

I think they’re quite good, even if they were taken in a hurry.


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