Lovers find their way to you in Paris

Paris is so conducive to romance. Just take a look at the picture accompanying this text.

“Shoot! This post actually has words!”

Don’t worry, I’d understand if you noticed the photo first. I think it’s really provocative.

However, that image is just one of the many that you can see in what’s been hailed as the most romantic city in the world.

And even though such sculptures are good, nothing beats the sight of real couples.


The video below is a collection of photos and videos that I took during my Paris visit in November last year.

The photos and videos in the collection were taken randomly. I didn’t actively seek couples in Paris.

It’s not hard to find lovers in Paris. You’ll see them all over the place. They’ll find their way to you.

Yeah, the video contains images of real people.

But of course, it’s not provocative like the sculpture of the couple whose picture appears on this post.

I always strive to make my blog as family friendly and as wholesome as possible, even in the Month of Love.


One thought on “Lovers find their way to you in Paris

  1. Yes, Paris really evokes romanticism. I was there the last year and couldn’t help but notice the intimacy people exhibit even in public places. Anyway, that is love and with Valentine’s Day coming up I am sure many people maybe planning for the big day.


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