Sex shops find their way to me in Paris

We could stay in Paris for only about 24 hours but we spent about a couple of hours just looking for our hotel. 

The hotel is not easy to find because up to now, when I look at Paris maps, I still find it hard to identify the street where the hotel is located. 

I never complained though. I didn’t mind getting lost in Paris. 


Still, I felt the urgent need for us to find the hotel. After all, we had to personally confirm our reservation by 5 PM. 

Otherwise, we’d lose our rooms but still had to pay a certain amount. 

So we tried harder. A guy from Cambodia bought an overpriced Paris map (10 euros, I believe), the guy from Bangladesh used his French language skills to ask for directions and I tried to retrace our steps.    

During our frantic search for the hotel, we stumbled upon several sex shops. 

I got curious, and wondered what those shops offered to people. 

But I never thought of actually checking out what was inside because the priorities at the time were to find the hotel and see the Eiffel Tower after that. 

Yes, in Paris the most important thing is the Eiffel Tower. 

The green light seems to say "go!"

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