Shanghai is “Shanghai-lier” the second time around

The first time I visited Shanghai was in April last year, but I didn’t really consider it a trip because our main destinations were Beijing and the nearby Great Wall of China.

Shanghai served as the connection between home and the Chinese capital. (See post about train trip between Shanghai and Beijing)

We did explore Shanghai, but we concentrated on these attractions: the Bund, Pudong, Nanjing Road and People’s Square. It was a hasty tour.

This year, we were able to relax, and visit more places, in Shanghai because it was our one and only destination.

I appreciated Shanghai more after that second visit.

Yuyuan Garden, where you can see excellent examples of Chinese art and architecture

Xintiandi, where you can see Paris-style sidewalk cafes

Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, a pit stop in The Amazing Race 16

Nanjing Road at night, with its colourful neon signs

2010 World Expo, arguably the biggest event in China since the 2008 Beijing Olympics

One of the national pavilions at the 2010 World Expo

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