€xp€nsiv€ toil€t in Cologn€

Have money, will pee.

I thought it was really pricey to use a toilet at Cologne’s main train station.

The fee, one euro, is equivalent to almost 60 Philippine pesos, which is quite a significant amount of money in a country where the average daily minimum wage is just over 300 pesos.

That rate, by the way, is for workers in the relatively well-off Metro Manila, the national capital region.

But the Philippines is obviously not Germany, and Germans are the richest people in Europe. No wonder they are the European paymasters. What’s one euro?

Perhaps one euro is too small a price to pay to take good care of my urinary bladder.

And at least, I was able to do it German-style.

Cologne's main station

6 thoughts on “€xp€nsiv€ toil€t in Cologn€

  1. I live in Europe. Belgium (Western country of Germany). Here, normal people earn 1.000 € (+- 60 000 pesos). So yes, maybe we are rich, but as everything is more expansive, only Government earn more…

  2. Ah, yes, they should. If you heard about Belgium, maybe you know we have no gov. for 4 months, and a poor one before, for 2 years. Now they wonder how to split Belgium in two parts…

    But you are right, we should not complain. But as far as I know, when you get what you wanted, you want something else. Human nature… 🙂

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