English breakfast at a French restaurant

The breakfast wasn’t quite a feast for my stomach, but having that breakfast in Paris was indeed a feast for my eyes.

For some reason I didn’t feel full after having bread, eggs and ham for breakfast at a restaurant near the Gare du Nord railway station in Paris.

Probably because it lacked rice. It was, after all, an English breakfast.

Or maybe, it was because one breakfast wasn’t enough for me. I’m used to having three whenever I’m abroad, for extra energy.

Whatever the reason was, I didn’t really care. I feasted my eyes on the sights in the French capital.

Paris not all about Eiffel Tower

Paris is well-known for, among other things, its sidewalk cafes. I had only seen those before in movies, television shows and photographs.

But that morning, I saw the real thing in person.

Everything was there: the tables, the chairs and the colorful facade of the restaurant.

As seen in movies!


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