Shanghai World Expo ends today

Flags near the entrance to the World Expo site

Today the World Expo in Shanghai, China ends its six-month run.

I visited the Expo in May and that trip felt like a one-day tour around the world.

Not even the intermittent rains during that visit prevented me from savoring the sights and sounds of various countries, many of which would have been almost impossible for most people to go to, mainly due to financial constraints.

The Expo brought me closer to countries such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Azerbaijan and Egypt.

In a way, it served as my link to distant places.

However, I wasn’t able to see all of the national pavilions because one day wasn’t enough to explore the more than five-square-kilometer Shanghai World Expo site.

That’s actually larger than two Monacos.

Pavilions from Africa

Pavilions from the Americas

Pavilions from Asia and Oceania

Pavilions from Europe


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