Independence Palace: Where the Vietnam War ended

The Independence Palace is the most prominent symbol of the Liberation of Saigon in the city now called Ho Chi Minh City.

The palace, now known as Reunification Palace, was where the Vietnam War ended on April 30, 1975.

Pieces of the past

On the palace grounds you’ll see two of the tanks that crashed through the gates of that place on that day, now a public holiday in Vietnam.

Once the residence and office of the most powerful man in the former South Vietnam, the Independence Palace is now both a museum and a conference hall.

The Independence Palace is no longer a presidential residence and office, but many places and things there serve as reminders of its former preeminent role as a national seat of power.

One of those places is the office of the president.

I’m thinking that, most likely, during the heyday of the palace, it wasn’t that easy to see that office. After all, it was the workplace of a president.

Now you can see it and many others for about a dollar.


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