French celebrate sexuality from Paris to Manila

On the grounds of the Louvre

Whether in Paris or in Manila, the French aren’t afraid to talk about sexuality.

When I was in the French capital, I saw depictions of nudity in places frequented by tourists.

I’d say that all of them were artistic.

On a train station (left) and near the Eiffel Tower (right)

The French are really good at expressing themselves through the arts.

I suppose that’s possible if you don’t let inhibitions shackle your creativity.

"Two Cobras" by Agnes Arellano

The Philippine capital

In Manila, Alliance Francaise de Manille and Galleria Duemila are currently holding the art exhibition “Conspirateurs du Plaisir” or “Conspirators of Pleasure.”

It features works of sculptors Agnes Arellano and Duddley Diaz and painter Fernando Modesto.

"Entwined, Shy" by Agnes Arellano

Their works reminded me of the depictions of nudity that I’d seen in Paris.

The Total Gallery of Alliance Francaise de Manille, where the works are presently displayed, seemed like a miniature Paris to me – everywhere I looked there were fine examples of artistic self-expression and French-speaking people.

More about the works tomorrow.


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