Artists say erotic art is fun

As I promised in yesterday’s post, I’m publishing here more images taken from the art exhibition “Conspirateurs du Plaisir” or “Conspirators of Pleasure” presented by Alliance Francaise de Manille and Galleria Duemila.

Agnes Arellano, sculptor

“My continuing crusade is for us to look at sex with a fresh eye, and to re-examine our individual and collective hang-ups that spring from centuries of sexual repression.”

Left: Handheld

Right: Tender Moment Reprise

Duddley Diaz, sculptor

BululEros No. 1

“BululEros is my main ‘conspirateur du plaisir.’ He appears in a typical bulul pose, in his full masculine potency.”

Fernando Modesto, painter

Feeling Picasso

“Why be too serious when life and art can be so much fun?”


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