iPad 2 as a media production device for mobile journalists

It’s been mentioned in some forums that the iPad 2 is primarily a media consumption gadget, but as a content producer/journalist I would like to explore the potential of the iPad 2 as a media production device.

Thankfully, the iPad 2 has the capability to take photos and videos, enhancing its content production potential. The quality of the pictures and videos is another issue though.

If you don’t add anything to the iPad 2, it is pretty much a consumption device: surfing the Internet, listening to music and watching videos are the main activities that you’d most likely be doing using the gadget.

But with free and paid apps, the iPad 2, it seems, can be transformed into a versatile media production device.

Here are some of the free apps that I’ve downloaded so far:

Noterize. (note taking). As a journalist, I think that this can be a great companion at press conferences. The app is capable of recording audio while you’re taking down notes.

PS Express. (photo editing). The features are quite limited, but I downloaded it because of the Adobe Photoshop name.

Hokusai, WavePad, QuickVoice. (audio recording). You can also edit audio using Hokusai and WavePad.

Video Editor. (video editing). The free version allows users to combine videos and share the finished product with other people via email, YouTube and Facebook. I’m hoping though that there would be a free video editing app that would be as powerful as Windows Movie Maker.

The following are the two apps that I’ve bought so far:

Inkpad. (vector drawing). I think of it as a $7.99 version of Adobe Illustrator. 

Animation Creator HD. (animation). I’ve always wanted to try my hand at animation, so I think that this $1.99 app would be a great start.

I will attempt to come up with an entire blog post, with text, audio, video, photo, illustration and animation, using only the iPad 2, to see for myself if this Apple product can be a good media production device.


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