Testing iPad 2 as a media production gadget

This is my first ever attempt to write an entire blog post using only the iPad 2, and outside the comforts of a Wi-Fi hotspot.

I’m using 3G right now and it’s draining the battery quickly.

20110907-050206.jpgIn the blog post “iPad 2 as a media production device for mobile journalists,” I said “I will attempt to come up with an entire blog post, with text, audio, video, photo, illustration and animation, using only the iPad 2, to see for myself if this Apple product can be a good media production device.”

I can include an illustration and animation in this article, but I don’t think it’s really necessary to do so. In a breaking news environment, photos, videos and the story itself are the things that matter. Illustrations and animation can come later.

My subject in this post is the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City. I chose UP because the scenery is beautiful, and it’s relatively safer to use an iPad here compared with other parts of the metropolis.

Below is a video of some UP scenes, which I edited using the free app Video Editor. It doesn’t do too many things, but at least I was able to combine two videos into one video and upload it to YouTube.

Below, and the two pictures above, are photos taken using the camera of the iPad 2. I did some minor edits using the app Adobe Photoshop Express.





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