Videos taken with other cameras can be edited in iMovie for iPad 2

It’s a given that videos shot with the iPad 2 can be edited in iMovie. But videos taken with other cameras can be edited in iMovie as well, even without a Camera Connection Kit and iTunes.

The video above is a combination of videos shot using four different devices:

Kodak Singapore MOV 2011 
Nokia 3230 Hong Kong 3GP 2007
iPad 2 Philippines MOV 2011
Olympus France AVI 2009

The tools I used to transfer the non-iPad 2 videos to the iPad 2 were my laptop (Windows), my Dropbox account and some video editing apps (apart from iMovie, of course). The best part: all of the tools I mentioned are free, except the laptop.

In a future post I’ll explain how I transferred videos from other devices to the Camera Roll of iPad 2, and how I made those videos visible in iMovie for editing.


5 thoughts on “Videos taken with other cameras can be edited in iMovie for iPad 2

  1. Hi. I really hope you can share how you transfer video files to Ipad2 camera roll. i’ve been searching the net for quite some time now for this procedure, most of the recommendations requires transferring the files into a website so you can access it via ipad, that sounded too risky for me.


  2. Hi. They’re actually .M4V format video files. They’re currently saved as music videos in MUSIC, but i want them transferred to CAMERA ROLL.

    ‘Hope you can help. Thanks for replying.

  3. and there also .MOV files taken from the Ipad camera itself but moved to a diff folder, now i want them back to the CAMERA ROLL folder but i just dont know how.

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