Tablet PC comparison: Apple iPad 2 versus Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000

Many tablet PCs are available in the market today, all of which vie for the attention of customers, and of course, their money. Thus, it’s really important for any person interested in owning one to come up with a tablet PC comparison.

iPad 2

This article compares the iPad 2 of Apple with the Galaxy Tab P1000 of Samsung. Why these two? Well, the iPad 2 and the Galaxy Tab P1000 are the tablet PCs that I’ve personally seen and touched.


Without a doubt, price is one of the main considerations of customers before buying anything.

In this regard, the Galaxy Tab P1000 is slightly better because it’s cheaper than the 16GB, Wi-Fi only iPad 2.


Another thing that should be considered in tablet PC comparison is the size of the gadget. Size does matter here because portability is seen as one of the main advantages of tablet PCs.

The Samsung product can fit in a big pocket. The iPad 2 can’t.

While the size of the Apple device seems like a negative thing in terms of portability, it does have an advantage. The iPad 2 makes typing easier because of the bigger keyboard. I can’t even imagine writing a 500-word article using the virtual keyboard of the seven-inch Galaxy Tab P1000.

However, the size of the iPad 2 has led some critics to derisively call it a giant iPhone, another Apple product. Some people see the iPad 2 as a humongous Apple smartphone, sans the phone function.


For me, the main advantage of the Galaxy Tab P1000 over the iPad 2 is the phone function: the Samsung device is both a tablet PC and a phone in just one gadget. 

There are really a lot of factors to consider when buying a tablet PC. After all, customers need to make sure that they spend their hard-earned money on something that’s worth it.

The bottom line: it’s different strokes for different folks. Regardless of the reason though, it’s really important for a customer to come up with a tablet PC comparison before making that big purchase.


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