Free Android apps for reporters

I’m enumerating here the free Android apps that I have on my Samsung Galaxy Y. My phone seems like a lightweight, mobile newsroom because of these apps.

So far, I’ve downloaded just eight apps. I really have to choose the best ones because of my phone’s limited storage (190 MB + external SD card, 1.84 GB).

I’ve been using Twitter, Photoshop, WordPress and Dropbox for quite some time now, so I’ve also downloaded their respective Android versions.

Twitter. (social media). The magic number is 140. Each “tweet” should not exceed 140 characters.

Photoshop. (photo editing). It has basic photo editing features, such as crop, straighten and rotate.

WordPress. (blogging). I’ve been using WordPress since 2009. For a more detailed review of the WordPress app for Android, please read my post “Pros and cons of Samsung Galaxy Y as a mobile blogging device.”

Dropbox. (file sharing). Dropbox makes it easy for me to transfer files from one device to another.

Below are the apps that are quite new to me. Thus, I’m still exploring the features of these free Android apps.

Color Note. (note taking). A simple note taking tool. You can transfer your notes to other devices via Dropbox.

Sound Recorder. (audio recording and editing). You can record interviews, and delete unwanted portions of your audio files.

VidTrim. (video editing). Does what it says – the app trims videos. Remove unwanted parts of the video and upload the edited version to YouTube.

MovieAid. (video editing). My favorite Android app (so far). My favorite feature allows users to customize the background color, color, alignment and size of subtitles.

That’s my list of free Android apps for reporters. I have a good list, but I’m still looking for more free apps.


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