Palace in the Sky in Tagaytay

The People’s Park in the Sky in Tagaytay was formerly known as the “Palace in the Sky.”

Personally, I prefer to use the old name to refer to the complex built during the administration of President Ferdinand Marcos.

I wouldn’t talk about history here because what I would like to do is write down my thoughts about this place.


The entrance fee was 30 pesos per visitor.

From the gate, I made my way on foot to the “palace” because I like walking (it’s my favorite exercise).  The views along the way were both amazing and amusing.

Amazing. Karen Carpenter moment
Amusing. Some letters are missing

“Palace” grounds

The place looked like it had been abandoned by a once powerful emperor.

Bridge over nonexistent water

I still had fun taking pictures though. Is there any other park that has a Doppler radar station, a waterless well and a statue of a giant pineapple?

Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration-Department of Science and Technology Doppler radar station
Some coins, no water

There’s also a statue of Jesus Christ in the area.

The Palace in the Sky is one of the places in Tagaytay where people can have a good view of Taal Volcano and Taal Lake. Unfortunately, I didn’t have that view during my visit because of the foggy weather.

Despite this, the view from the highest point in Tagaytay City was still impressive.

I left the Palace in the Sky after an hour of sightseeing. My next destination: Picnic Grove.


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