Swimming in Tagaytay gives me a high

Picnic Hostel at the Picnic Grove in Tagaytay City

I went to Tagaytay last Thursday to get a good view of Taal Volcano and Taal Lake. That’s what the city is most famous for anyway. So I never thought that I would go swimming in Tagaytay on that day.

Swimming wasn’t part of the Tagaytay trip that I had originally planned. I didn’t even have a backpack – all I brought were my cellphone, ID card, ATM card, cash, Ziploc bag and two handkerchiefs. All of them fit in the pocket of my boardshorts.

Obscured view

It was quite unfortunate that it was foggy when I went to Tagaytay’s Palace in the Sky (now called People’s Park in the Sky), so I didn’t have a good view of Taal Volcano and Taal Lake from there.

I hoped that the view would be much better from the Picnic Grove. When I got there, however, the view wasn’t any better. I still hoped though that it would be less foggy later in the afternoon.

I thought of engaging in a fun activity while waiting for that better view. I didn’t feel like riding a zipline or a horse, that’s why I decided to take a dip in the swimming pool at Picnic Hostel. The entrance fee was 100 pesos.


Good thing I was wearing boardshorts – I already had the proper swimwear. I just removed stuff from my pocket. I also took off my underwear and tank top. I put all of them in the Ziploc bag, which I handed over to the hostel staff for safekeeping.

The deepest part of the adult pool was only five feet. The kiddie pool was obviously shallower.

I swam for almost an hour. After swimming, I stayed for a few minutes in the pool area to dry my boardshorts.


The adult pool (left) and the kiddie pool (right)

I dried my hair and skin with one of my two handkerchiefs because I didn’t have a towel. Since a hanky is much smaller than a towel, it took me some time to dry my hair and skin. I wanted the other hanky to remain dry.

I had to throw the wet hanky away because I didn’t want to put it back in my pocket and damage my stuff there, especially my cellphone.

After fixing myself, I headed back to the Picnic Grove area where I could get a good view of Taal Volcano and Taal Lake. Swimming in Tagaytay wasn’t part of my original plan, but I had fun doing it.


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