Femi continues to take beautiful pictures

Femi in a Deutsche Welle television studio in Berlin

It’s been said that “people like people who are like themselves.” That’s probably the reason why Indonesian journalist Femi Adi Soempeno was my favorite classmate in the Online Journalism and Web 2.0 workshop held in Germany in 2009.

I’ll always remember Femi as a person who really loved to take photos. Just like me.

Chinese journalist Diana Ruyue Dai


What happens then if people who like to take pictures come together?

They take pictures of one another!

That’s exactly what Femi and I, along with another workshop participant (Diana Ruyue Dai of China), did while waiting for our other classmates to finish their interviews at the Deutsche Welle office in Berlin.

The workshop participants came from Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan and the Philippines

Femi, Diana and I gladly took pictures of one another. It was a small group composed of an Indonesian, a Chinese and a Filipino taking photos of one another in a German city. The love for taking photos transcended national boundaries, eh?

This kind of love knows no bounds. So I’m sure Femi is still taking beautiful pictures now.

Femi Adi Soempeno

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