My Viet Cong experience


Four years ago, I caught a really good glimpse of life in Vietnam during the Vietnam War at the Cu Chi Tunnels area located some 70 kilometers from Saigon. I sort of experienced what it was like to be a Viet Cong.

The diagram below illustrates the structure of the tunnels. It shows living quarters, among others, and the all-important access to water.

It was really hot and cramped inside the tunnels. Our tour guide told us though that the tunnels had actually been made bigger for tourists. He said that the tunnels were then just big enough for the small body frames of the revolutionary forces.

I will always remember our tour guide as a nice, soft-spoken guy. Here he is singing in front of his guests:

After that guided tour, I’d dare say that a trip to Vietnam wouldn’t really be complete without a trip to the Cu Chi Tunnels.


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