The Future Of Storytelling MOOC certificate and postcard: My own story

Two months after the end of the massive open online course (MOOC) “The Future Of Storytelling” offered by Fachhochschule Potsdam, I finally received my certificate or “Statement of Participation.”


The course dealt with writing stories of fiction. The most interesting topics were location-based storytelling/location-based games and transmedia storytelling.


With location-based storytelling, you can only find out what happens next if you’re physically present in a specific place on Earth (longitude and latitude) using a GPS-ready device. Cool stuff, indeed.

Transmedia storytelling, on the other hand, makes use of various platforms such as traditional TV and radio, as well as Internet sites Facebook and Twitter, to tell a story. My understanding is that, you may start your storytelling on TV, then tell what happens next on Facebook, then on radio, and so on.

However, the course taught me that these new ways of telling stories should enhance the experience for the audience, and should not be used just for the sake of using them to show off your techie skills. Bottomline: it’s not about being flashy and glitzy; it’s still about telling a story.


At the end of the course, students were asked to send postcards to three of their classmates. I won’t discuss the mechanics of that activity because this blog post is getting long. I would just like to say that I did send a postcard each to a classmate from Brazil, China and Sri Lanka.

2014-01-03 14.45.04

I don’t know if they’ve received it. But I’ve received one from a classmate from the United Kingdom.

To the people behind this MOOC: Danke schoen!

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