Total stranger catches glimpse of what I go through for basketball

I first met him last week in a street basketball court.

Today I saw him again in the same half court. We wanted to play, but an old man told us it was too early and some people were still asleep.

So I left. He also did, but he followed me and asked if I knew other courts.

I said yes. And then we embarked on that journey to find a court where we could play. I was walking, he was riding a bike.

I first led him to a full court, but it was already occupied. I wasn’t surprised – it was a Sunday. No school and no work.

Again, I left. He still followed me.

He asked me what my name was. I also asked his. He’s Rene, from Tacloban. Yes, the city ravaged by a supertyphoon in November last year.

We reached our destination, a half court. There, we played basketball – first one to reach 10 points wins.

I won. He wanted to play again.

I rested for a few minutes. After that, the race to 10 began. I won again.

Before leaving, he asked if he got my name right. I said yes.

He also told me something like: you don’t mind going to faraway places just to be able to play basketball.

There you go, the first human being in the world to ever catch a glimpse of what I go through to play the sport that I love the most.


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