Sweating in Seoul in the winter

Seoul City Wall selfie
Seoul City Wall selfie

I never thought that a drop of sweat would come out of my body amid the zero to sub-zero temperatures in Seoul, South Korea, but it did happen when I went to Naksan Park to see the Seoul City Wall.

Naksan Park is actually a hill, which you can climb if you are determined and/or athletic. There are pathways but you really need some strength to be able to visit the park, as it would not be, a walk in the park.

While climbing, and sweating and panting at the same time, I told myself that all the effort should be worth it.

It was. I had a good view of South Korea’s capital city:

Along the way, I also saw patches of snow, something that I would never see in my country.


Frozen pond
Frozen pond

After my short stint as a “mountain climber,” I visited Heunginjimun Gate, South Korea’s National Treasure No. 1.


There, I realized that I could see the Seoul City Wall without having to go to Naksan Park. Part of the wall is just near the gate:


Oh well, Naksan Park is still worth it because of the snow. I’m in Seoul for the snow.


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