Seoul’s Yeouido District has it all

Are you interested in sports, or work, or entertainment/news, or leisure, or politics, or a combination of some or all of those? Then Seoul’s Yeouido District is for you.

I’ve already featured Koreans’ love for basketball, but this district, the Yeouido Park in particular, has shown me that they just don’t love the sport. They breathe it.

Skyscrapers in the area:


I’ve learned so many things about Korea through its entertainment and news programs. I think TV station KBS is a purveyor of Korean culture.


The area also has Paris-style sidewalk cafes. I drank Mint Chocolate Hollyccino to keep me warm. No, to make me warm again.


I also passed by the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea. I asked for permission from the police officers guarding the entrance before taking pictures. They said it was okay.


I’ve been to several places in Seoul and I can say that Yeouido is my favorite one in the city.


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