Looks can be deceiving – even in basketball

I first saw him last week. Like me, he went to the basketball court alone. He was a good shooter as he hardly missed a shot. He had the moves. And if you wanna talk about form, he could give Dirk Nowitzki a run for his money.

Like me, he played alone. I thought he would be a good opponent in basketball, but he looked like he was full of himself, just like many of the other guys I’ve met in so many basketball courts. So I didn’t invite him to play.

Today, I saw him again. This time around, I did ask him to play. I thought, well, I’m not gonna lose anything anyway if he snobs me.

But he agreed. Right away.

He was indeed a good opponent in basketball. I got lucky though, he missed many shots while I, miraculously, made many of mine. I won, 10-9.

“Nice game,” he told me. I thought so too. I had fun.

So he was no airhead, no snob, no a-hole. Looks can really be deceiving.


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