Reminder to self: Don’t lose sight of who you are

Lately I feel that I’ve been basing my actions on what other people think of me.

So I’m writing this post to remind myself that, you know what, Leo, you are not that kind of person! This is you: People may think you’re devil incarnate, but you won’t give a shit. You may or may not be devil incarnate, but that’s not the point. You don’t care what people think of you because, well, they don’t feed you. And it’s not as if they’ll get worried if you get sick or something.


I’d like to give a concrete example, one that’s quite easy to understand. Just yesterday I was practicing basketball, and I noticed that some people were laughing. I’m not paranoid, they were laughing at me, because they were looking at me, and I was the only guy on that part of the court practicing.

To make the long story short, I left because I felt ashamed.

But you shouldn’t have left that court because of them! So what if you’re not good? Are they? They’re not NBA players, so they’re not good either. They probably can imitate the moves of pro players, who have made basketball an art form, but being able to move like Stephen Curry doesn’t mean they’re Stephen Curry.

This particular case, this is how you would’ve reacted if you had been true to yourself: You can laugh all you want bitches. Most likely you have no one in your life who makes you laugh, so I’m happy to do this favor for you, you good-for-nothing wannabes.

They judge you, you judge them. Tit-for-tat. That’s YOUDon’t lose sight of who you really are.


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