Performance of Philippine presidential candidates in debate held in the Visayas

Methodology and limitations are the same as the ones mentioned in my post about the debate held in Mindanao.

The debate grades of the candidates (Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago did not attend the debate):

Rodrigo Duterte, Mar Roxas 85%
Jejomar Binay, Grace Poe 75%

Watch the debate here.

Binay I like the logic that eliminating income taxes for workers earning P30,000 and below would actually not be in conflict with a massive infrastructure program since people would have more disposable income to buy goods and services, which are taxed. Brought notes, which were against the rules of the Comelec. The moderator is, well, a moderator. Binay is a well-educated man, a lawyer at that. He should have known better.
Duterte He recognized the Philippines’ need for energy as it is a developing country. He said that the Philippines has a relatively small carbon footprint, and that the country is committed to reducing pollution.

Asked Poe a good question. He asked a specific, albeit hypothetical, question related to the Spratlys territorial dispute.

Poe She asked Roxas questions about Yolanda, the Zamboanga siege, MRT maintenance and the Mamasapano incident. She went super overtime, but these are important issues. I wasn’t satisfied with her answer to Duterte’s hypothetical question about the Spratlys dispute. Duterte was, too, that’s why he repeated the question. She said the first thing she would do is get up immediately (hypothetical incident took place in the middle of the night) and call the heads of the DND and the DOTC. Hmmm, I believe those people had already contacted her, that’s why she knew about the incident.
Roxas I like his composure after being asked by Poe a barrage of questions about controversial issues. I don’t think he was able to adequately answer the questions about Yolanda and the MRT, but it’s understandable since time is limited. The question about the Mamasapano incident alone would take a lot of time to answer.

I can really relate to his closing remarks that it’s hard to be a decent person in the Philippines. Pag pumila ka, sisingitan ka, he says. That’s true, sir.


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