Cellphone with TV (or TV with cellphone)

My fascination with cellphones with TVs began the moment I saw a fellow bus passenger using one. I knew it wasn’t some saved video because an antenna was attached to his cellphone.

I wanted to know how it worked so I bought one yesterday. At 1,699 pesos, or roughly $36, I think the fully functional touchscreen phone with a TV is quite cheap.

In my case, however, the device could also be considered a TV with a cellphone because I bought it for its TV function.

This cellphone/TV thing makes me wonder: how would this change people’s viewing habits? How would TV ratings be measured? Would, or could, it eventually replace the “conventional” TV set?

Anyway, if you’re curious, here are the phone’s specs (which I just copied from the box):

my81 DTV
* 4″ Display
* 5 MP main camera
* 2 MP front camera
* 1.2 GHz Quad-Core
* 4 GB ROM
* 512 MB RAM
* Android 5.1 Lollipop


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