Day 0: Start of the Journey (Manila to Paris)

As I said here on October 3, I should write more detailed blog posts about my two-week trip to Europe. I’m starting today.

All of them will have the tag twoweekeurotrip2016 to make it easier for me to look for them when newer, unrelated posts bury them in the future.

(September 10, 2016, Saturday) The journey started in Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 2, which, to my delight, seemed less crowded than Terminal 3.

I asked for our boarding passes, but the Philippine Airlines ground crew member told us that she could only give the first ones because she had no access to Lufthansa’s systems.

So upon arrival at Hong Kong International Airport, I frantically looked for the transfer desk where I could get the Lufthansa boarding passes that would take us to Munich in Germany, and then to Paris, France.

Hong Kong International Airport

lufthansa tix
Hong Kong to Munich, Munich to Paris




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