Day 7: Roamed the streets of Rome

(September 17, 2016, Saturday) My itinerary was jam-packed because today’s my first (and only) whole day in Rome, Italy.

Hotel breakfast. And props

The hotel employee told me that it was a typical Italian breakfast.

This breakfast gave me the energy to roam the streets of the Eternal City.



Inside the Colosseum, one of the 7 Wonders of the World. Sorry I keep saying that wonders thing, but the Colosseum was really a sight to behold. It’s the second Wonder of the World that I’ve seen, the first being the Great Wall of China.


Arch of Constantine, just outside of the Colosseum


The Pyramid of Cestius; on the right is Porta San Paolo. This place was a bit far from the touristy areas in Rome. Thus, it wasn’t crowded. Great success! For me.


Spanish Steps

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, which site is the most crowded of them all? Trevi Fountain!

Maybe it’s because of the legend that you will definitely return to Rome if you toss a coin into the fountain with your right hand over your left shoulder. I wasn’t sure if I did it correctly – I was more concerned with taking pictures and making sure that I wouldn’t lose any of my belongings and wouldn’t literally step on someone’s toes.

wp-1486373633006.jpgIt took lots of effort and “excuse me’s” to get close to the fountain… and to get away from it.


wp-image-1484466332jpg.jpgI got lost while looking for a subway station. Exhausted and craving for something sweet and cold, I ate gelato.

I was wearing an immaculate white shirt at that time. Because of the gelato, the shirt was no longer spotlessly white.

So the next destination for me was my hotel room – for a “costume change.”

After resting for a while and changing my shirt, I walked from the hotel to Vatican City. Yup, it’s very near.

Swiss Guard
Inside St. Peter’s Basilica



Swiss Guards. Pic is kinda grainy because I couldn’t get close to them. I wouldn’t dare.

wp-image-386832910jpg.jpgHotel just outside the Vatican. This wasn’t my hotel, but I thought its guests were quite lucky because all they had to do was get out of it to see St. Peter’s Square.

I returned to the Colosseum to take night view pictures.



This was the highlight of my stay in Rome – eating spaghetti with meatballs just across the Colosseum. It’s 100% Italian, 100% Roman. From the point of view of a tourist like me.


St. Peter’s Square at night.
St. Peter’s Square at night. Sans my face.

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