Day 4 in Taipei: (Literally) climbed a mountain for the best view of the skyline

Practicing basketball from 10:30 AM until 4 PM ain’t exactly the best activity before climbing a mountain. Your legs would kill you.

I climbed Elephant Mountain because guide books say it offers the best view of the Taipei skyline. They also say that the best time to climb the mountain is late afternoon. You can see the skyline when the Sun’s still up, and only a few hours after, you can see it at nighttime.

Part of the hiking trail:

The Taipei skyline:

Against the light. It’s hard to take a selfie:

Me while waiting for the sunset:

The Sun saying goodbye for now:

The Taipei skyline at night:

My left hand holding a phone for its flashlight, with the other hand holding the selfie stick. I look like an idiot:


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