Day 5 in Taipei: Fell in line for the ‘Queen’s Head’ and Shilin Night Market street food

Around lunchtime, a Taiwanese guy in the Adidas 101 basketball court asked me to play a one-on-one game with him. Immediately I realized that the rules were a bit different from the one I’m used to: the player who makes a shot keeps possession of the ball until he misses. In the rules I’m more familiar with, if a player makes a shot, his opponent gets possession next. I won, 6-2. 

Right after that game, I proceeded to the Taipei Main Station to catch the Bus 1815 at M2 that will take me to Yehliu Geopark located on the outskirts of Taipei. It is home to the so-called “Queen’s Head,” a natural rock formation. The entrance fee was 80 NT Dollars for an adult.

There was a line for the Queen’s Head. There’s a precise spot where it looks like it resembles the head of a woman wearing a crown. That precise spot was what people were falling in line for.

In other spots, the Queen’s Head doesn’t look like a human head. In the pic below, the Queen’s Head is at the upper left corner:

Other views at the geopark:

A replica of the Queen’s Head:

From and to Taipei Main Station, the bus ride took a total of around three hours. The one-way fare was 96 NT Dollars. I stayed at the geopark for about an hour.

Next: shopping and dining at Shilin Night Market. I bought a denim jacket for my mom and a pair of pants for myself.

There are so many food choices at the night market. I picked the food stall that had the longest line of customers because I wanted to know what the fuzz was about. And of course, for the experience.

The line for the “blockbuster” street food stall, which is located in front of Cixian Temple:

I think the food is popular because it’s a complete meal in easy-to-eat packaging: pork placed on top of rice. I bought the lemon and honey flavors, which cost 50 NT Dollars each.

I got them after an hour of waiting in line.


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