How I got to Rome from Paris via Beauvais Airport

The long lines at the airport check-in counter as well as at immigration on May 14, 2017 for my Manila-Taipei flight reminded me of the stressful and nerve-wracking journey from Paris to Rome on Sept. 16, 2016.

It all started when I waited for like an hour for a taxi to arrive at the taxi stand near Sacre Coeur in Paris. Because of that, I missed the very first Beauvais-bound train.


I got to Gare du Nord just in time for the second train, which was scheduled to depart at 6:35 AM. I was so thankful to the taxi driver that I paid him 20 euros – double the approximately 10 euros shown in the meter. Besides I was also in a hurry.

As it was still early, there were no staff yet manning the ticketing counters. There were ticketing kiosks though, so I used those. One rejected my cash. So I had no other choice but to use a credit card. The “un peu Francais” that I knew came in handy as the instructions were in French.

gare du nord ticket

I reached Beauvais after more than an hour. But it was just the train station, not the airport yet. So I had to take a cab. There was one waiting outside the station, but when I got in, there were two other passengers already. I paid six euros for that taxi ride.

ryanair paris to romeFortunately there was no long line at the check-in counter at Beauvais Airport when I arrived, and I had no baggage to check in. But it was a different story at immigration.

The line there was too long that I just resigned myself to the thought of actually missing the flight. A strike of French air traffic controllers had just ended, and I thought that the situation wasn’t fully normal yet.

I thought of taking a train to Luxembourg, since I would be alone in Paris. My mom and my sister were scheduled to fly to Stockholm, Sweden that same day.

Thankfully a guy approached the crowd and asked “Rome? Rome?” I raised my hand, and I was allowed to go to the front of the line immediately.

It was already boarding time when I got to the boarding area.



Waiting for the plane to take off and take me to Rome, Italy

After roughly two hours, the plane landed in Rome’s Ciampino Airport. But the journey ain’t over yet. I had to take a bus to the Ciampino train station and ride a train that would take me to the Termini station in Rome.

Train ticket
Departures board at Ciampino train station


I was so relieved and happy to see the welcome sign at Termini:


To summarize what I’d been through:

  1. Taxi from taxi stand near Sacre Coeur to Gare du Nord, Paris
  2. Train from Gare du Nord to Beauvais train station
  3. Taxi from Beauvais train station to Beauvais Airport
  4. Ryanair flight from Beauvais Airport  to Rome’s Ciampino Aiport
  5. Bus from Ciampino Airport to Ciampino train station
  6. Train from Ciampino train station to Rome’s Termini station

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