Hi I’m Leo. Thank you for reading my blog.


24 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Leo,

    You were referred to me by your cousin Jenny Payawal-Grasmick. I am your uncle. Your dad Pete, Jr. was my younger brother. I’m afraid I never met you but circumstances opens the door for us perhaps to get acquainted.
    I am glad to see another Gatdula who loves to write and travel.
    I trust that you are doing well. May God bless you in a special way today!
    Your Uncle,
    Tony Gatdula

  2. Hi nephew. This is your Dad’s brother Melvin. I was directed to your blog site by niece and your cousin Jen.

    I’m glad you’re doing well.

    My wife Cely and I love to travel. We have no children, thus we have the time to travel. We’ve been to Israel (2009) and Europe (2008). This year we might tour Italy’s cities like Rome, Florence, Naples et al.

    Regards to your Mom and sister,

    Uncle Melvin

  3. Hi Leo,
    I like to travel too. When I was in the Philippines, I had the opportunities to see different provinces due to the nature of my job with World Vision Philippines, Inc.

    I enjoyed meeting people and talking with them is one of the effective ways to practice our freedom of speech.

    I am happy to see you’re doing good in your chosen career. You remind me of your Dad and Mom who love journalism and communication.

    By the way, I am your Aunt Loida. Do you remember me? I hope so.

    Please extend my warm regards to your Mom, An-An & Jade.

  4. i’m glad to have discovered this blog. very interesting. i’ve been to germany a long time ago and i want to go back there someday.

  5. I think I know u. hehehe! You are the Ljubomir Gatdula, na laging kasama ko s honor roll sa Knox. I actually researched you today because our Grade 3 teacher back then (ms. Garcia) got in touch with me through facebook. It’s nice to see you after all these years. I love to travel too but I like it more to travel in the Philippines and when I am done visiting the entire Philippines, I will go to other countries too.

  6. Hi, Ljubo !
    My name is Tihomir and i am from Bulgaria. Your name is typical for my country and this is little odd to find it in Asia. 🙂

  7. hi. i got to loiter around here to check out your “current” theme, i found your response to the zBench release and i just got curious. my interest just got more piqued when i saw your travel pics. i haven’t really read anything, just browsing. are you an architect or something? your last name sounds Filipino. tell me about your first name. i’d appreciate if we could be polite acquaintances over wordpress. thanks.

  8. very nice blogsite Ljubomir! I love your theme as well. Would it be an imposition to ask how you customize the pictures on the masthead? Thanks in advance and more power to your blog!

  9. Hi, I came here off your comment on the “New Theme: Piano Black” post and I am happy to see that I found a fellow Filipino blogger! I haven’t gotten around to reading your posts yet, but it seems that you like to write about your travels. That should make for interesting reading. Going to be poking around your blog.

    Take care and safe travels!

  10. Hi Leo. Nice blog. I’m just passing through, aimlessly surfing the internet while trying to pass the time and I came across your picture in front of the Shanghai skyline. The first thing I thought was, “look at how much smog and pollution is in the air; that’s quite a scary aspect to what seems to be a nice looking city.” I hope to travel there when it is safe for human life to breathe the air.

  11. Nice to see a blogger based in Germany! I would like to visit Europe and consider this country as one of my destination… 🙂
    I will be reading more of your blogs soon!
    If you’re planning to come by and visit UAE, perhaps you may consider visiting my blogsite and follow me… I shall be writing all my travels, weekends experiences and share it thru my blogsite.

  12. Hello Leo, my name is Sugih. I’m from Borneo. I am very impressed by your posts. Your blog is cool and awesome. And I do love Philippines. If you don’t mind I would like to follow you. Happy new year! Wishing all the best for you in this year. 🙂

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